Land is the main driver of economic development in the rural areas. As an economic resource – access, ownership and control over land is a fundamental right of all men and women. With proper State interventions to secure property rights, smallholder farmers – including women, indigenous peoples and children-headed households, will have the opportunity to achieve food security and overcome poverty. Thus, rural development rests on the State’s capacity to redistribute its resources to the marginalized, and provide viable opportunities by which these resources can be sustained.

Why do we need property rights?

Property rights security provides farmers with incentives to invest in common service facilities and equipment, thereby improving efficiency of farms.

Where there are secure property rights and where appropriate agricultural support services are provided, farmers would have more motivation to make long-term investments on their land. Investments, especially if coming from the farmers, will result in greater farm productivity. Where there is greater farm productivity among smallholders, there is household income and food security. Income and food secure households ultimately contribute to the reduction of poverty and hunger incidence in the rural areas.

See how we work towards property rights security in our 5-year strategic plan

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